H is for HANTU!!!

The same team that brings you "Chestnuts" every year serves up a comedy of 'horrors!" 15% discount till 15th July. Amusing for adults but safe for kids 8 years and above!

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H is for Hantu is STAGES' latest offering for the whole family. Jonathan Lim (Chestnuts, Own Time Own Target), Bang Wenfu (Chestnuts, It's My Life, If There Are Seasons), Frankie Malachi (Little Shop of Horrors), and Eucien Chia (Shanghai Blues) put together a stunning pantomime full of music, madness and puppetry that'll puts the SUPER back into supernatural.

Singapore's last existing kampung is about to be wiped out to make way for development, but not all the residents are willing to give up without a fight! One feisty teenage boy in particular – Sazali – believes that the kampung life is the perfect life – close to neighbors, close to nature, and most importantly, close to SUPERnature. Why? Because Sazali can see all the hantu that live around the kampung! And more than that, they are his friends!

Together, Sazali and his hantu sidekicks - the sultry diva Pontianak and the light-headed but very gutsy Hantu Penanggalan - hatch a plan to convince the government to spare their kampung, but instead find themselves caught up in a chilling haunting that scares even them!

Tickets on sale from 1st July
$30 for Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 3pm
$35 for Mon, Wed, Thu 8pm and Sat, Sun 3pm
$40 for Fri, Sat, Sun 8pm.

Early Bird till 15th July: 15% off.
15th July onwards, bookings 10 and above: 10% off.
PAssion card holders: 15% off till 1st August.

Concession tickets - Children 12 and below, Senior Citizens 55 and above: 20% off.
Family package - 2 standard tickets + 3 concession tickets: $125, $145, $165 (inclusive of ticket charge)

All primary, secondary schools, JCs, CIs and ITEs may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 60% of the programme cost for H is for Hantu.

Lie to me - Shane Mack

This is the music video for the film that Runecircle posted up.
Really amazing film. Simple and has a lot of heart. I find the best gay films aren't gay films at all. I think the east needs to take a clue from the west - life can be hard but serious gay films don't always have to be bleak and emo. And they don't always have to obssess about being gay! We need ones with more positive energy and by positive energy, i don't mean convenient happy ever afters. This is the type of film that helps me answer the question "what the hell am i doing with my life?" Enjoy it while it stays on youtube! :)

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    Lie to me - Shane Mack

AN EXCERPT from the chestnuts programme


A good nyonya is never defeated by her shortcomings. Be inspired by Juxiang, who is deaf and dumb, yet able to read lips faster than a newscaster reads a teleprompter; and who can express entire sentences of lofty sentiment in one-and-a-half gestures. Here are some handy signs you can learn which a little nyonya might find useful in daily life.

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